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Have a look at some of our current projects. When businesses need a new building, to expand their existing facility or to renovate for improved workflow or increased capacity, they look to Kyburz Carlson Construction. Our reputation and dependability mean we’re always working to help our clients grow their business. 

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BNSF Depot 2nd Floor Remodel

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BNSF Depot 2nd Floor Remodel
"The team successfully met the challenge of bringing the project design within budget in a limited amount of time. The employees from both of these companies have been extremely dedicated to this project. It was obvious from the very beginning that they were focused on making the Johnson Fine Arts Center renovation and expansion a successful, high quality project. The project is currently in progress, on schedule and within budget. I would highly recommend the construction manager services provided by the team of Henry Carlson Company and Kyburz-Carlson Construction Company. Their experience, knowledge and dedication are a winning combination for Northern State University."
Veronica Paulson, Vice President for Finance and Administration Northern State University